CAS: 8002-09-3 EINECS: 304-455-9 FEMA: 2904  HS.CODE: 38059090 Molecular Formula:C10H18O  Molecular Weight: 154.29

pine oil

Product Information of Pine Oil 70 %:

  • A familiar scent, Pine is one of the most well known and well-used aromas today. This essential oil is 100% pure and contains 70 % or more cyclic terpene alcohols.  Pine oil 70 % is an essential oil obtained by the steam distillation of stumps,needles, twigs and cones from a variety of species of pine, particularly Pinus sylvestris.Chemically, pine oil consists mainly of a-terpineol and other cyclic terpene alcohols.It may also contain terpene hydrocarbons, ethers, and esters.
  • The exact composition of Pine Oil depends on various factors, such as the variety of pine from which it is produced and the parts of the tree used.Pine oil 70 % is distinguished from other products from pine, such as turpentine, the low-boiling fraction from the distillation of pine sap, and rosin, the thick tar remaining after turpentine is distilled.
  • It has a strong sterilizing effect and superior ability of deodorization, wetness, clearance and penetration, used in Daily life washing agent, disinfectant, germicide, detergent, polishing agent, anti-rust agent, painting solvent and mineral floatation agent.
  • is a phenolic disinfectant. It is generally effective against numerous bacterial strains and enveloped viruses.