Who We Are

The midhills journey has been relentless, gratifying and marked with a series of achievements. Our unified efforts have catapulted the company from a resin extraction business to one of the largest producrs of rosin and allied products in India. midhills is humbled by the long journey they have made so far and at the same time, is confident of raging forward and scaling greater heights. Over the years, midhills has conscientiously set high business standards by way of providing sustainable, world-class products, solutions and services.

Midhills was established in 1984 by Shri. Sudhir Kumar Sood who now is the chairman of the group. Midhills was predominantly involved in tapping of resin from the pine trees and is one of the largest supplier around 500 tons of oleo pine resin from Himachal Pradesh annually. In year 2010 Midhills started its own manufacturing unit of gum rosin and turpentine oil. Having our own huge supply of raw material, we are able to provide our customers good quality product with competitive price.